How To Explode Your Account with New Connections & Followers

The golden rule of having a lot of followers is "Engage". The more you are engaged with your social media account the more followers you are going to have. It's crucial to perform actions such as Post, Follow or Schedule Posts on a daily basis. That's why we created LassoIn to keep your account active every single day.

Make sure you have as many tasks as possible turned on in your dashboard to maximize your followers. Especially "Post" & "Follow" as if you follow people some will follow you back and if you Post other's content some will rePost yours and some will follow you as a way to say "thank you".

Here is how to configure LassoIn to achieve a massive success on your LinkedIn marketing effort:

  • 1.

    Link Your LinkedIn Account - Login to LassoIn and link your LinkedIn account upon success your dashboard will appear right after linking your LinkedIn account.

  • 2.

    Choose Your Actions - Go to your Dashboard and choose the actions you'd like LassoIn to perform. Connect, Follow, Unfollow, Auto Post, Sitemap, Schedule Posts ... If you uncheck an action from your dashboard it will not be performed at all.

  • 3.

    Choose General Tags - From your dashbaord under "Tags" remove the default tags and enter new tags relevant to your niche, if your LinkedIn account is about Travel an example of tags would be: Travel, Vacation, Holiday, Places to see. Our tool will follow the followers of people in this tags

  • 5.

    Choose a Sitemap - If you have a website go to your dashboard and check "Sitemap" then scroll down to "Post Sitemap" and provide your sitemap url. This is a great feature LassoIn goes through your sitemap and Posts topics from your website to your LinkedIn account choosing the first photo on each url as an image for the Post. Don't have a sitemap? You can provide your homepage url and LassoIn will crawl your site and will Post different content from it

  • 6.

    Schedule your Posts - A great feature to add some of your own spice so that there’s always fresh content on deck. Scheduling Posts in bulk saves time and extends your reach by posting at the right time for maximum impact. To Schedule a Post check "Schedule Posts" from you dashboard, a Schedule panel will show up, there you can schedule a new Post with a click of a button, choose the url and of course your desired time and date. You can Auto Schedule a Post only once or every day or weekend. It's that flexible.

  • 7.

    Unfollow Action - If you check Unfollow at your dashboard please note that it has 2 different modes, choose the one that suits you best.

    First mode unfollows only users that have been followed by LassoIn and the second mode unfollows all users which includes users that you followed manually and users that LassoIn followed.

    In both modes unfollow occurs 5 days after the user was followed, this gives the user enough time to notice that you followed him so he can decide whether to follow you back.

  • 8.

    Start LassoIn - You are all set! Don't forget to hit the "START" button on your dashboard. from this point you can close your browser, turn off your PC and go on a long vacation. LassoIn will work hard for you to make your account grow big.

  • 9.

    Any changes? Want to add tags, check/uncheck action from your dashboard, simply do it, there is no need to restart the service (press the stop and then the start button). LassoIn is smart enough to get any little change without restarting.

  • 11.

    Questions Or Suggestions? - Any questions about how to use your LassoIn tool or maybe even a new feature you'd like us to add just for you. Don't hesitate to Contact Us Good Luck!